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I am Gerrit Pelzer, a coach supervisor and executive coach. Born and raised in Germany, I have spent a great deal of my life in Asia. I have been coaching executives full-time since 2010, and my focus is in helping leaders in multinational corporations create an environment in which people can be their best. I am somewhat obsessed with the idea of becoming the best coach I can be, and after a few years down the journey, I realized that ‘active listening’ and ‘asking powerful questions,’ as I learned in coaching school, does not always suffice to help clients get the results they desire. 

One of the ways that has helped me improve my coaching abilities significantly is coaching supervision. I participate regularly in individual and group supervision, and these very positive experiences prompted me to become a coach supervisor myself. 

Having a background in natural science, I was looking for a more ‘scientific’ program to learn coaching supervision, not one that is just based on ‘personal experience’ or ‘opinion.’ After an extensive search, I decided for the ‘Professional Certificate of Advanced Study in Coaching Supervision’ at Oxford Brookes University with Prof. Tatiana Bachkirova and Dr. Peter Jackson.  

Coaching supervision is for me not a way to generate an income. Instead, my motivation for providing supervision to coaches like you is that it is simply enjoyable: when working with professional coaches, we can go much more quickly to a much deeper level than when coaching clients who may initially be not so clear what coaching actually is. Also, I have a genuine interest in contributing to our industry: coaching is not formally regulated like other professions, and I want to do my part to help coaching become better recognized as a profession.

I firmly believe that continuous education and personal development are essential for every professional coach, and that coaching supervision is necessary to help coaching becoming more widely recognized as a valued profession. 

What else? 

If you are interested in formal qualifications: coaching-wise I hold ICF PCC credentials, and I am a founding member and former Vice President of the ICF Bangkok Chapter. I have been coaching professionally since 2010, and I have over twelve years of corporate experience in senior management roles in Europe and Asia. I have a doctoral degree in natural science and a master’s degree in chemistry from the Technical University Aachen, Germany. I am also an adjunct professor for leadership in the executive MBA program of Institute for Management, a business school in Salzburg. I started supervising other coaches in 2019.

I am happily married, have no children, and in my free time, I enjoy exercising and reading books. I also love to travel when I can.

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